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This is a PR friendly blog which means I am willing to trial and review products if I think my readers would be interested in them and they fit with the theme of my blog. I will always give at least between 2 weeks and a month to try the product before reviewing it on my blog. All reviews are 100% honest and will not at all be biased. Such posts will be clearly marked with a *.

Guest Posts/Sponsored Posts
If you’d like to write a guest post for my blog, you’re more than welcome to! Just fill out the contact form below and we can sort something out for you to write about!
If you’re a brand and would like to collaborate with me for a sponsored post, please email bigsocietygirl@gmail.com and we can talk about prices.

At the moment, I am not charging bloggers for advertising, but I am willing to put your blog button in my sidebar! If you’re interested in doing a blog button swap, fill out the contact form below and include your button code!
If you have a discount code/badge you would like me to display on my blog, please get in touch by emailing bigsocietygirl@gmail.com or you can find me on the social media links below.

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