A 21 year old  aspiring Journalist.
I have a natural curiosity which pushes me to be interested in all sorts of things, which you can read about on this mish-mash of a blog. I vow to never write a boring post and that you will always be entertained and interested.

I’m currently in my final year at Falmouth University and it’s challenging, but not as challenging as the ‘real world’ in Journalism, here’s hoping!

My blog had an environmental element about it through my first year of uni. It didn’t really work, so now I just  blog about my life, what I do, what I want to do and anything that really interests me.

Most of all, I hope you all enjoy reading my blog


11 responses to “Bio

  1. Would you be interested in helping with some articles for naturist mags assuming we have a Summer this year ? I
    had several planned for last year but the Sun forgot to shine !

  2. Hi,

    Have you ever been to the ‘secret beach’ (Arthur’s Cove’ )near Swanpool ?
    South-facing and glorious, yet so close to town !

  3. Would you like to do an article on it ? (I had Country Life interested last year but they publish in May and we had a very chilly April)

    • Hi Graham, I emailed you, did you get it? If not don’t worry. I’m still interested in helping you, I would like more info on what you would like me to do!

    • Hi :) thank you for pointing that out, I have actually done a post explaining why some are password protected :D they were for university and my course requested that they were private :)

    • Firstly, it’s important to gain experience, offer to contribute to free magazines or online sites to get your writing seen and more importantly to get by lines, apply for work experience in the field you want to work in and be tenacious – get the answers you want but in a professional way. Do all your own research and come up with new ideas for stories that haven’t been covered before or offer a new angle on a subject. Hope that’s helped a little :)

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