Now Magazine – Week 1

So you all know Big Society Girl has been taking a break, well, i’m back! I’ve been home from Cornwall for two weeks and now I’m in London on a four week placement at Now Magazine. So life has been crazy. For each week I’ll be blogging and writing in each day, so it’ll be like a week’s diary in one post. Enjoy!

Monday 7th July 2014
As I’m writing this sentence it’s my second day (Tuesday, i’m writing Monday in review, sorry to confuse) and honestly, I love it! You know those magazine offices you see on films? It’s similar, and it’s a beautiful building. I could get used to it, but London is a big culture shock for a girl from a small town like me, who’s spent three years in the rolling hills of Cornwall. Now Magazine is everything I expected and more, it’s a lovely place to work with lovely people and it’s in the heart of London. After waiting a year for this opportunity, it’s definitely been worth the wait. I’m working with the online department which is right up my street, but obviously working in print magazines would be too. Magazine journalism in general , it’s my thing!I learned how to use the content management system to upload stories from the magazine to online and how to make different types of articles, including picture galleries.
Tuesday 8 July 2014
Today I carried on uploading stories from the magazine to the online system, there is so much SEO stuff to remember! It’s been quite useful for me to learn the information, not only for the magazine and my journalistic career, but for my blog too! I was sent a press release today for me to write my first online story and I made a gallery of Vicky Pattison‘s new VIP Collection at Honey Boutique, which you can see here. Not sure about some of her poses, but some of the dresses are super cute!
Wednesday 9th July 2014
I was left alone today! Not completely alone but Sasha*, the girl who was teaching me how to get the hang of things, was away on a fashion course, so I was left to my own devices a little bit! I did okay, I finished uploading the last few bits of this week’s issue onto the system, then I wrote my own story for online from a press release about Katie Piper returning to work three weeks after giving birth. I enjoyed writing it, the only thing I have to get used to is the house style guide of Now magazine. I then had to look through all the weekend’s supplements and pull out celebrity interviews, celebrity columns and anything that I might have thought relevant. It was fun to do, except when the pages ripped in half, oops! I’m halfway through my first week and I already don’t want to leave.
*Sasha has a fun fashion blog called Looking up the Skirt  which you should definitely have a look at!

Thursday 10th July 2014
I’ve found from learning how to use iMovie, that editing videos is something I enjoy, (maybe I should start YouTube? Hmm…). It’s so easy to do and now I 100% want a Mac. I’m selling my laptop and getting a mac ASAP. I edited a video with Sasha, which was a tour around the Geordie Shore house with Charlotte Crosby. Sasha edited it first then I had a practice after repeating what she had done and it’s easy peasy and lot’s of fun. I was then left alone to come up with an idea for a picture gallery, and it turns out that it was Harper Seven Beckham‘s birthday today so I had to update the live gallery of Harper‘s life. She’s so cute, I wish I could pull off a top knot like she does! It gets quieter towards the end of the week as the whole of the issue is loaded onto the online system, but finding recent pics of Harper from 2012 was time consuming!

Friday 11th July 2014
Today I finished off the Harper Seven gallery, her outfits are to die for, but you can’t expect anything less if you have Victoria Beckham as a mother! This week I’ve learnt so much about online journalism and Now magazine in general. The people that work here are lovely and answer all my tedious questions in the most polite manner! I’m going to continue doing uni work this weekend and hopefully get it out of the way with so I can enjoy the rest of my time here at Now magazine.

Come back at the same time next week to see how week 2 went!

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