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When Happi Feet kindly sent me some shoe fresheners to review, I was eager to try them with my 6-year-old converse. These trusty shoes have lasted me a long time and I’m not about to give them up anytime soon, but they weren’t smelling too fresh anymore. When I received the shoe fresheners, I was greeted with a pretty little package, when all I expected was just some shoe fresheners.


This isn’t what it looks like, it looks like an envelope that you just open, but inside, I found a house. Yes, a house, with a garden. It even had pop-up trees. In the doorway, there are little shoes saying “Welcome home”. Because when you walk in your house you should smell freshness, not smelly shoes that everyone has taken off at the door.


When I’d finished putting up my pop-up house, I had a look at everything that came with it. It came with a letter, thanking me for taking the time to review the item, a leaflet outlining their main USP’s for potential sellers (I’m not a potential seller but this is just a general press pack), a scratch ‘n’ sniff strip(always fun) with the four fragrances the Happi Feet are available in, which are Caribbean Beach Breeze, Madagascan Vanilla, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Freshly Laundered, they all smell amazing, and the shoe fresheners themselves, which are pretty cool as far as shoe fresheners go.


The ones I were sent had the fragrance of Caribbean Beach Breeze, which is what you’d expect fresh air to smell like if it had a smell. These ones had a cute trainer like design (similar to Converse) though I do believe they come in some other designs too, fun! They’re also small enough to fit into a child’s shoe, perfect for smelly school shoes! The innovative design has a band attached to it, where it is looped around the sole of the foot, or the tongue so it doesn’t sit directly in the shoe, but hovers above it.


You can see them here  in one of my Converse (they look so scruffy, I just can’t bear to part with them) and I thought they couldn’t be saved from the smell that had developed in the soles of the poor old shoes, but thus, the Happi Feet saved them. I left them in there for around two days, you can leave them in there however long you want to, but I wanted to give my shoes something to be happy about. After two days, I could safely stick my nose in there and what I smelt was divine. These really work, and they’d make great car fresheners or wardrobe fresheners too.


I’ve worn my Converse since and can happily report that the nasty smell has not returned, and it’s been a good while since I put the Happi Feet in them. Happi Feet are available in Tesco for £2.60 for a pair, possibly the cheapest pair of freshly smelling shoes you’ll ever buy. I’d recommend these for shoes that have a tendency of soaking up bad odors. especially trainers, espadrilles and flats.

Would you buy these?

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