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I had tried this LUSH Lip Scrub in the Truro branch and thought it was magical, then I was sent one from the lovely LUSH PR people! I’ve had this for a few weeks now and it’s stopped my awful habit of biting my lips, so now all my lip colours look good when applied. I love this stuff, half the time I want to eat it more than apply it, it tastes so good!


The Lip Scrub comes in a 25g pot which is a normal balm/scrub size. It’s easy to open and isn’t an awkward shape to fit into your bag. The bubblegum one is bright pink in colour and has a strong bubblegum smell, but I find it kind of tastes more like candy floss? Whatever the taste is, it’s AMAZING. I tried to taste some to tell you, but I just ended up eating quite a bit of it…oops.


The Lip Scrub claims to “prep your lips with a buff and polish” and that “the exfoliating caster sugar and softening jojoba oil will scrub away dead skin and infuse moisture.” It also states that the “bubblegum lip scrub won’t leave any greasy residue” and it’s “lip-smackingly good.”

The scrub definitely buffs and polish your lips, the only thing I’ve found is that it kind of crumbled off my finger before I got it to my lips, but after reading the reviews on the website, I can see it’s probably because I didn’t store it upside down and therefore all the oils had sunk to the bottom. If you have one of these, store it upside down!

The Bubblegum Lip Scrub is the only lip scrub I’ve ever used and it gets rid of my dead skin and it doesn’t leave any greasy residue. The people at LUSH certainly did their research before they wrote their product description because it’s spot on! “Lip-smackingly good” is an understatement, it should come with its own warning for addiction!

It works well with my sensitive/dry skin so I think it’d work well for all skin types and mine has a year-long expiry date, so you’re good for a while. As long as you don’t eat it all, it’ll probably last this long too.

LUSH are vegan friendly and don’t test on animals, so if you want to try this wonderful product you can buy it here for £5.50

Have you tried any LUSH Lip Scrubs, or any other Lip Scrubs? If you have let me know in the comments below or Tweet me @bigsocietygirl!

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8 responses to “*LUSH Lip Scrub | Big Society Girl

  1. I love the lush lip scrubs too! Dont store it upside down unless you want caster oil to leak over the lid haha (I speak from experience! ) xx

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