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Yes, I’m doing my March favourites ten days into April, don’t judge me! There’s a mix of things in this month’s favourites, they’re the 5 things I’ve used and worn the most, next month is going to be crazy so you should probably expect April’s favourites in June ;)



Jelly Shoes
First up is everything everyone is raving about (or hating on) at the moment, Jelly Shoes! I found these Jelly Shoes in Primark and I had wanted some for a little while. They’ve had mixed reactions from my friends (they are fashions Marmite equivalent after all) but for £4, I love them, and if you follow me on Twitter, I haven’t stopped talking about them yet.


Argan Oil
My next favourite is a hair must-have. The Argan Oil! My hair has been so dry recently, I think it’s the change in weather, it’s getting more humid, argh! This argan oil for £1.50 from Primark has been a lifesaver in making my hair look alive! This is lasting me ages and I kind of wish it would run out so I can use another one… not because it’s not good, but because I want to try something new!


My mum bought me this perfect pink pastel ring for £6.50 from Dorothy Perkins when I came home from Uni, isn’t it pretty? I’ve had the daisy ring for a few years and I always dig it out when it’s spring, I just love floral things!


I’m an absolute nightmare for biting my lips and in the run up of going back to Uni I’m surprised I have any lips left! Applying this every night has saved my lips from a horrible mess. There’s loads of different flavours of this now, but I like the aloe one. You can find the biggest selections in Superdrug and Boots.


Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes
This is a great book, I read it in four days which never happens. I couldn’t put it down and it had a totally unpredictable ending, it’s the first in a series of three books. I’ll be reading the rest when I finish uni. It cost me less than a fiver brand new from Amazon. I recommend you buy it.

What have been your March favourites? Leave your links below or Tweet me @bigsocietygirl!


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