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Yesterday marked the first day of Spring, so I marked my nails at the weekend with a pretty Spring manicure! I haven’t painted my nails much since January because they’re still recovering from the tyrants that are acrylics, but I thought I’d treat them with some nail polish I got for Christmas which I was still yet to use!


This manicure took a lot of time to create, but it really shouldn’t have. I wanted to make something cute for Spring, so I persevered! These are the products I used:


It was my first time using a matte nail polish so didn’t really know how to work with it, but I got there in the end! I firstly applied my Nail Nurse base coat, which I’ve mentioned many times before, then applied two thin coats of Revlon Nail Art Chalkboard. This shade is perfect for the S/S 14 pastel trend!

The trickiest bit was getting the, I don’t know what you’d call these? gems? sequins? decorations!? out of the wheel and turning them the right way round ready to be picked up…my dad watched and told me I should just put them in the bin.

I am not putting a 99p wheel of nail art things in the bin, they look too pretty! (I bought them off eBay, shipping was free but they come from Hong Kong so you need patience if you want these!)

I used my trusty Barry M Topcoat and Nail Hardener around the cuticles so the decorations had something to stick to, but I’m tempted to get a matte top coat too because I can see the glossy finish poking out from underneath where I’ve placed them. I used a dotting tool dipped in a blob of top coat to pick them up and stick them on, no glue involved and I can confirm all decorations have stayed in place four days after I painted them! Winner!

This is my favourite Spring manicure I’ve created, it kind of reminds me of mini eggs?!
What manicures have you painted for Spring?

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2 responses to “NOTD: Spring | Big Society Girl

  1. They look so pretty! I tried some nail decorations recently but with the glue provided and they fell off not long after applying. So I’m going to try with a top coat like you did tonight x

    • Thank you! Ahh, I found that, heat melts the glue, so washing up and showering will soften the glue, then they fall off, it’s so annoying and it ruins your nails! I think mine stayed on for a good four-five days with the top coat before they started coming away! Let me know how you get on! x

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