UNICEF Tap Project | Big Society Girl

This is a short post, but VERY important! I was in the middle of writing another post and took a break to flick through Twitter. I saw a tweet from Bloggers World and clicked into their profile, where I saw this tweet:

For every 10 minutes u don’t touch your phone, they will provide 1 days worth of fresh water – http://tap.unicefusa.org/ #lbloggers#bbloggers

Intrigued, I clicked the link (when you’ve finished reading you should click it too!) UNICEF have launched a project called the “UNICEF Tap Project”. They’ve found a way to raise money by utilising the fact that people are addicted to smartphones. It’s true, I rarely go half an hour without checking my phone, and I bet all of you reading this are guilty! Don’t deny it!


If you have a smartphone, all you have to do is open your browser on your phone, go to uniceftapproject.org where you can begin taking part in the tap project.

If you leave your phone alone for a mere TEN minutes,

you can provide clean water for one day for a child in need!

This is a GREAT way to help people in need, it’s free, all you need is willpower. Whilst I’ve been writing this post, I’ve earned clean water for a day for a child in need. I’m going to do this all the time when I know I won’t be using my phone. Go on, set your phone down and provide some clean water to children in need :)

Are you going to get involved?



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