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Another Lush post! But everybody loves Lush! I was lucky enough to be sent this face mask from Lush to try and review. Again, I’ve found another Lush product that I love. I chose this face mask, BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask because it claimed to cool, soften and reduce redness. My skin is prone to redness because I have eczema which makes my skin sensitive. With extracts of olive oil, toothed wrack seaweed from Poole Harbour, aloe vera, rosemary oil, kaolin and millet flakes, it’s a product that contains all natural ingredients (which have a lot of nourishing, anti-oxidising properties) and is preservative free.

It came in a 75g tub, in the recognisable chalkboard style.




The mask itself is quite thick and lumpy, but i found it stayed on my face quite well. It was easy to apply and didn’t fall off. With it being preservative free, to use it in three weeks you’ll need to do a few face masks. I did one and still have a lot left. As for the smell, it smells exactly like the seaside! Which is a smell you will love if you don’t live near the sea. There is a refreshing smell to it too, and it feels refreshing when it’s applied straight from the fridge! Here’s what it’s like on my face.


When I was removing the mask with warm water, it turned into a smooth soapy cream like wash which was nice. It came off quite easily and without irritation. Immediately after I had some redness in my T-Zone but I already had red, irritated skin in that area. After half an hour it had settled and my skin felt soft, smooth and refreshed. The day after my skin tone had evened completely so it’s a great product for reducing redness and irritation. I would recommend this face mask for all skin types, and I personally had to use moisturiser after just because my skin is naturally really dry.

It’s retail price is £5.95 and I think it’s totally worth it, especially if you’ve got a breakout of blemishes/redness. It’s short lifespan means you can get your skin looking even and smooth within three short weeks. Another beauty from Lush, and you can buy it here.

Have you ever used the BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask? What did you think?


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