NOTD: Valentines Day Nail Art | Big Society Girl

Unfortunately for me, I don’t get to see the other half this Valentines Day (small violin if you please) so I thought I’d do something extra special on my nails! This design is totally my own and I’m going to call it “Doodle love!”.

Firstly with any nail manicure, you need to file (one direction at a time) and shape your nails to which ever shape you like and then apply a basecoat! I used Rimmel London Nail Nurse Stronger Nail, it helps my nails stay strong because I have weak nails!


1. Then take a base colour, I used a pearl white colour called “Satin Dream” by H&M but you can use any, and apply two coats to make it opaque.
2. Once this is dry, take a makeup sponge (I used a triangle one) and paint your second colour onto it. I used BarryM Gelly Nail Paint in shade Grapefruit onto it. Again you can use any colour!
3. Next, dab the sponge onto the bottom of four of your nails and take it about two thirds of the way up  so it doesn’t look neat. The polish will go over your fingers but don’t worry! Leave it to dry. While this is drying take a glitter polish and paint one coat onto the nail you left out, for mine it was the ring finger and I used Avon Colortrend in shade Rose Golden.
4. Next take a thin nail brush or striper and dip it into black nail polish (I used BarryM Nail Paint in shade Black) and paint love hearts on your nails. At the same time paint a second coat of glitter onto your feature nail.

Finally, dip a cotton bud/Q-tip into nail varnish remover and tidy up the edges of your nails. Paint on a top coat, I used BarryM Topcoat and Nail Hardener, and voila, you have romantic nails for your romantic day :)

If you recreate this look with other doodles/colours, feel free to share them with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

What are you doing for Valentines Day?


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