Powder Puff hair bands from Ooh La Lara | Big Society Girl

After coming back to Uni in January, I realised I had left at least 90% of my hair bobbles in the “brush drawer” at home. Every girls worst nightmare! With only two bobbles to my name, I decided to do some searching for some new ones. Instead of getting the bog-standard plain ones which I had, I thought I’d get some different ones instead. I stumbled across Ooh La Lara (I can’t remember where) and was pleasantly surprised by these pretty bands.

Bobbles 2copy

They come in 21 different sets, of different colours and designs, each handmade by the company’s owner, Erica Rodriguez-Lara. Each set are inspired by travel and different destinations round the world. The bands are super cute and I’m a lover of pastels, so I went for the Powder Puff set.

They are quite stretchy and don’t leave marks in your hair like regular rounded hair bands would, but they do leave small marks, thought they look natural when teased out. I have long, thick hair and these bands don’t hold in a ponytail for me unfortunately, but there are other cute ways you can wear them. Plus, for when you don’t want a band in your hair but you want one on your wrist (just in case) they make a lovely alternative bracelet! Here are some ways I’ve worn them in my hair.

Bobbles 3copyBobbles4copy

For £8.50 you get five of these beauties (£2 P&P to the UK). I usually wouldn’t pay that much for five bobbles (crazy, right?) but I wanted to treat myself. It came in some snazzy packaging which truly brightened my day when I found it behind the front door.

Bobbles 1copy
A gold jiffy bag! Who even knew these existed? I opened it up to find my bands and a delivery note – with a difference! There was a handwritten thank you note on it!

Bobbles 5copy
It was so cute! Ooh La Lara clearly value their customers, which is something I love from small shops/boutiques, it shows they really appreciate your custom – much like us bloggers appreciate everyone who reads our posts! Ooh La Lara also stock other delights including bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, as well as a small timeless range of jewellery. I think I’ll be shopping at here again, I love these hair bands too much to only own five! You can follow Ooh La Lara on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s your favourite small shop/boutique?



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