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As always with lots of Lush products, you’re going to want to try it, from the edible Lip Scrubs to Toothy Tabs, Lush are always coming up with new, exciting and organic products which really are Lush! This is one I received as a present for Christmas from my sister, and it’s been one of the best presents I got. The most iconic thing about Lush is the sweet, flowery fragrance you can small when you walk within at least a mile of the shop, it’s lovely and it’s definitely one of my favourite things about the pink Lush FUN 4-in-1 bar/dough! It’s such a versatile product that you can use it as shampoo, a body wash, in the bath, or just use it for fun!

Lush 3copyLush 4copy

This squidgy Playdoh-like bar lives up to it’s name, everytime I use it I can’t wait to jump in the shower. The bar comes in a clear plastic wrapper, twisted at both ends like a sweet. It has a clear label and mine even has a sticker on it telling me who made it! It smells so refreshing, like fruit and sweets all in one. It doesn’t smell too strong either and you can still smell it on your hair afterwards if you use it as a shampoo.

The bar itself, as a dough, is great fun and you could even use it as a stress ball with the added joy of it smelling edible. It would be great for kids to use in the bath (with supervision of course, because it’s not edible), it sticks to surfaces pretty well and can be squished into all sorts of shapes. With it coming in five different colours, if you collect them all who knows what funny shapes are possible.

It has a smooth texture after it’s been rolled into a ball and it’s easily moudlable to any size you like. If you have long hair like me and you’re using it as a shampoo, you’ll need a ball that sits nicely in the palm of your hand, like below. I find with this amount I have a little bit left over to use as bodywash.

Lush 1copy
The bubbles created by FUN are quite silky! If you’ve ever done handwashing then you’ll know what kind of bubbles i’m talking about! They aren’t like your usual, big dry bubbles, they’re soft and small.

Lush 2copy
It lasts quite a while once its wet, if you have short hair you’re going to get a lot more use out of it as a shampoo than someone with long hair. After using it, my hair is shiny, soft and non-greasy which is a great plus as lots of shampoos tend to make my hair go greasy really quickly, but FUN is perfect!

As a body wash it makes you feel squeaky clean and refreshed. I use it as an exfoliant with an exfolitating glove and it’s soft on my skin. It doesn’t make me break out or dry my sensitive skin, so I’d recommend it to anybody with soap sensitivity. It would be suitable for all other skin types too. There is one thing that’s a disadvantage, but I am being picky, when it’s being used it’s hard to put it down somewhere where it isn’t going to harden and dry or get warm and melt, easily overcome though, don’t put it down!

For £5 you get quite a lot, and as well as that, 10p from each sale goes to help children affected by the Fukushima disaster. It’s one of Lush’s best products and it truly is FUN!

Have you ever used Lush FUN? What did you think?



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