21 years young!

So, while I had another little siesta break from my blog (need to stop making a habit of it!) I turned 21! It was the scariest most fantastic time of my life. I received presents all weekend long! With my birthday being on Friday 10th January, I had three days to celebrate which I wasn’t going to complain about.

I received some private reg plates from my mum and dad which read “S21 NAT”, now all I need is a car to put them on! Aside from that, I got many sparkly things including earrings, necklaces, and a beautiful personalised necklace off my sister. You can see a few of the delights I got below!


My boyfriend gave me some beautiful perfume which I’d wanted for a while, Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb…it’s amazing! My grandparents gave me a sentimental present, a frog ornament which my granddad used to put upside down in my drink when I was little! I loved all my presents, I felt so spoilt.

On my birthday we went for a huge family meal at an Indian restaurant which was just delightful, and on the Saturday, myself, some cousins, my auntie, sister and some friends went for a night out in Birmingham, which was brilliant! As well as all my birthday celebrations, I’ve been backwards and forwards to University (I live in Lancashire and go to Uni in Cornwall so you can imagine the inconvenience!) and also working on my dissertation so please forgive me for my absence but I promise not to leave for long again!

I have lots of exciting things planned so watch this space!



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