Work Placement at Northern Life Magazine

For those of you who read my blog and are unaware, I’m currently on work placement at Northern Life magazine in Colne, Lancashire. My previous posts have been protected because they’re part of my University work which our tutors requested to be password protected – I’m not hiding anything! I’m going to share my experience so far with you now so you don’t miss out!
Northern Life Magazine is a great example of a small publication becoming big. Niching on an area specifically for the North of England, it get’s a lot of specified interest and covers all generations. In total they run six magazines, one for family and one for more localised areas of the North West Some of them are free, but Northern Life is £1.95 and is well worth it for over 100 pages.
The magazine really does have something for everyone and being on work experience here in the editorial department has been so much fun. It’s confirmed my ambitions of wanting to be a features writer or working in editorial on a magazine.
I haven’t been ignored and treated like a spare part, everyone has been really helpful and included me in everything, as well as taking my ideas on board and giving me good, proper work to do.
I’ve also posted a blog on the website for Northern Life about my work experience here. There is a shop opening downstairs too, like a small boutique shop with lots of little crafts from local artists and haberdashers. It’s fun to see it all developing and expanding.
For anyone wanting to work on magazines, I’d recommend trying your hardest to get work experience at one – it’s well worth it!


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