Let the Cross Stitch begin!

This is the beginning of the Winnie The Pooh Wishing Well I mentioned in my earlier post. When I picked it back up again, I had done the same as what you will see here, except it was a mess. Non of my stitching was consistent, which obviously shows how little I knew about stitching when I started it. I had only done small beginners sets that were stitched with thick wool, I hadn’t used delicate embroidery thread before. I pulled all the purple back and started that section again. The pattern is in two A3 parts, split down the middle. I left the clouds as they were because I had completed them, and they didn’t look so bad, plus I thought it’d be a nice touch to leave some of the old stitching with the new!


I started with the right side of the pattern and with my new (proper) way of stitching I began the top of the Wishing Well that’s up in the clouds. It takes time, and you need so much patience for something like this. Many times I googled different types of half stitches, and three-quarter stitches, it’s a thing where you’re constantly learning, which I love. This is my neat stitching:


So you can get an idea of the size of the canvas…


I will give you a few tips that some beginners should know:
✿ Place your canvas on some paper and paint around the edges with clear nail varnish, this will stop it fraying.
✿ Always use an embroidery hoop when you’re stitching, it holds your canvas in place and makes your stitching a lot easier.
✿ Make sure you leave all of the outlining until you have finished all the other stitches, you might make mistakes in your stitching and once it’s outlined, it will take longer to fix.
✿ This may sound silly, but sort your colours out before you start! Some patterns make you work everything out yourself, not all thread comes pre-sorted with codes.
✿ One last thing, make sure you look to see what colour and which stitches use a certain amount of strands from the thread. Some will use four where others will use one!

I hope you like it so far!


8 responses to “Let the Cross Stitch begin!

  1. This is lovely! It is nice that you have a mix of your early and more advanced stitching! The Winnie the Pooh kits are always fun to stitch because the colours are fantastic :D

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