A sunny day in Falmouth

I took my camera down to the Prince of Wales Pier  in Falmouth to have a play with it. Also because it’s a generally pretty place. I sat and had my lunch, avoiding seagulls that swooped for my sandwich and got my camera out. Some of the pictures turned out blurry because I still hadn’t worked out how to turn the Auto Focus off.
I like the photograph of the flying seagull and the photograph of the three boats in a row. I just wish I had focused them! I’m still learning, and now my next photographs will hopefully turn out a lot better! People stopped for me while I took photographs of nothing in particular really. I’m going to try to do a few mini shoots like this when I have my camera because the photographs let me get practise with editing software like Photoshop and Camera Raw, without my pictures actually being assessed. I can just blog them instead. Click the pictures to enlarge them.


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