A shoot from the Tattoo studio

The first photography project I shot with my new Canon 650D had a brief of “a five picture story”. This opened up a lot of ideas, some weren’t practical and had access issues. Under a deadline I had to think on my feet. I’m new to my camera so I had to be careful to look for a place that would be patient with me. If patience is necessary anywhere, it’s in a tattoo studio. I approached The Electric Om (formerly The Electric Chair) tattoo studio in Falmouth.

I was given permission to photograph Leah Gayton tattoo a touch-up on a fellow Falmouth University student. I took 66 photos in 25 minutes. His tattoo was small and I tried to get the best shots under the time I had. Agreeably 66 photos in 25 minutes is a lot and this made my edit for a 5 picture story a lot harder. I tried to be diverse in my pictures, I think my favourite is one is the fourth one, the composition is strong and the light is effective. Sometimes the lens did let me down in that it wasn’t wide enough. I think I’m going to have to invest in a wider lens! Here are the six photos used for the final edit, which was cut down to the first four for submission. Click to enlarge pictures.


One response to “A shoot from the Tattoo studio

  1. No need to ask if you’re enjoying your new camera, then ? I look forward to seeing your next project !

    Cheers !

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