A ribbon of necklaces

If you’re anything like me and you buy way more jewellery than you can ever wear, you’ll be struggling for somewhere to put it. I used to put mine out of sight in numerous decorative boxes, but felt bad that I’d spent money on pretty necklaces and never wore them. When I moved into my new house at University, I had a lot of bare walls in my room, and I’m not really a poster person. I bought some white ribbon (originally for the curtains in the kitchen as tie backs) but realised I didn’t have enough for two sets of curtains.
I tied two bows at each end of the ribbon and pinned it to my wall. Now it displays my little floral crocodile clips, which act as stoppers so my necklaces are spaced out instead of in a bundle at the middle of the ribbon. It’s been a really good idea, friends that have visited have commented on it straight away. It makes a nice wall decoration and you can see all your pretty necklaces that were hidden away and get more wear out of them!



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