Why Cross Stitch?

Cross stitch is something I’ve done in my spare time for a few years now. A problem with cross stitch is the stigma attached to it. People often have the view that cross stitch is for “old ladies” or that it’s boring. It’s not, it’s just like enjoying reading, or watching TV, it’s just not that popular amongst the younger generation.

There are however more young people, particularly student fashionistas that are becoming more acquainted with activities such as this, like knitting, crocheting and embroidery. They’re useful skills for if you want to jazz up some old clothes you found in a charity shop, or want to make a unique woolly hat. It’s fun and can be done whilst watching TV!

I recently took up cross stitch more when I came to University in 2011; my first full canvas was a gift for my godson, who is now almost a year old.

I wanted the cross stitch to be complete for the birth of Noah, but it was ready a month later. It took me seven months to complete and it was a challenge, sometimes I wanted to give up when I made a really big mistake, but it was a learning curve for me and now my skills have improved.

Upon completion of this piece, I’ll now be documenting my progress on an old piece I started when I was 14, maybe 15. I abandoned it as I realised my skills weren’t mature enough, I struggled and I gave up. But now, 5 years later I’m ready to face the challenge of the Winnie The Pooh Wishing Well. This is a project I want to keep for myself as it was a personal gift from a family member when I first found my interest in cross stitch. It’s a slow process, but it’s one I want to share, mainly to shake the stigma that it’s boring and not for young people and also so you can see how fulfilling it is to see work grow!


8 responses to “Why Cross Stitch?

  1. I can’t wait to see your progress! As a 20 yr old and a cross stitch lover, I cop a lot of the “old lady” stigma. But once they see me stitching a 25-page long design they soon realise how much effort goes into it. I stitch everything from greeting cards to birth samplers to grim reapers, definitely not “lady-like”!

    • Thank you! I thought it’d be a fun thing to do on a blog :) yeah that’s so true, I get a lot of stick for it but once they see it, it’s totally different! There’s so many things you can do with it too :)

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  3. I used to do quite a bit of cross-stitching projects when I was younger, mainly as gifts for friends. Thankfully cross-stitching was not associated with age among my friends (only knitting was!) so there was no stigma attached. I remember doing a cross-stitch based on a photo – I almost went cross eyed. But the results were worth it!

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