A little about me

instagr.amI’m Natalie Simm, an aspiring Journalist with goals that are probably too ambitious, but  I’m going to try nonetheless.
The one thing I’ve always been in life is inquisitive. My natural curiosity opens doors I didn’t know existed, I’m always hungry for information. This combined with my (educated) opinions, makes for an interesting read, or so I’ve been told!
I have the audacity to ask questions people would only dream of asking, I don’t do embarrassment and least of all, I’m not afraid to have an opinion.
My writing is adaptable and as an open-minded person, I’ll research anything, as long as it’s interesting. My blog had an environmental element about it through my first year of uni. It didn’t really work, so now I’m just going to blog about my life, what I do, what I want to do and anything that really interests me.
My current projects are getting fit, blogging, being a student and most of all, trying to succeed.
I could write all day about myself, but not only would that look slightly arrogant, it’d leave me with little to fill my blog with!



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