Planet Earth Live

Richard Hammond and Julia Bradbury presented a new tv show called Planet Earth Live that literally gave life to the stories we’re so fond of with animals of the world. The team followed the animals everyday for the whole of May and broadcasted live from different places in the world. It gave a new dynamic to documentaries and made the viewer feel more involved.
May was the month of new beginnings for many animals and Richard, Julia  and the BBC2 team followed baby animals all around the world, documenting how they struggled for surivial with the harsh climate changes and lookig at how different animals care for their young.


Outcast lioness and cub

The viewers had an interactive role in the programme via Facebook and Twitter, with viewers getting to name new lion cubs and their mothers.
A local expert in Kenya, who has been around the documented animals for years helped Richard piece together stories about the lives of outcast lions and their struggle in the wild.

The documentary covered a range of animals from Meerkats to Grey Whales. Julia broadcast from the USA and Richard from Kenya, but BBC2 experts were placed all over the world to follow the progress of the animals and their young. These stories weren’t live but coincided with the whole programme, breaking up the broadcasting to learn more about different animals.

People are often bored by nature documentaires that aren’t narrated by the famous David Attenborough, but the new live element of this series really had an interesting factor. It made it interesting for viewers and was something different for people to talk about.

★ ★ ★ ★


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