Rebecca Matthews: “I had never considered that I could be running a magazine.”

“I thought you needed 20 years in London to start a magazine” admitted Rebecca Matthews, ex-UCF Professional Writing student, when talking about her successful creation with Brendan Sleeman; WED magazine.

University College Falmouth Journalism students were given an intriguing lecture about their success and how to be successful themselves. Matthews first started a magazine after her tutor encouraged her to do it, and 12 months later her and Sleeman were running a cinema magazine after he picked up the phone in need of a writer and found Matthews.

The magazine can still be found in Phoenix Cinema in Falmouth, and other cinemas Nationwide.

The pair decided that the cinema magazine wasn’t something they wanted to continue and sold it to the cinema chains, leaving them with a more focused genre – weddings. Matthews advised students wanting to start a publication to, ”know your readership and create a brand that hits that readership really well…It’s all about finding your niche marketplace.”

WED magazine has a unique style

WED magazine sells for £3.50, a reasonable price for its high quality pages.  Sleeman said: “Print media and the internet both work hand in hand… We can distribute our magazine outside of Cornwall online.” Matthews is sure that people will keep buying the hardcopy, saying that “print isn’t dead.”

Matthews wanted to direct their magazine at both brides and grooms and spent time discussing typography and design ideas to ensure this. A process which is necessary to keep people vested in their publication.

Without their use of social networking sites like Twitter, wedding shows and events across Cornwall hosted by WED magazine would not have been possible.

Matthews and Sleeman ended the insightful lecture by informing the students that most successful writes have their own unique writing style, and advised us to enforce “strong sense of voice” on our blogs.

The website for WED magazine can be found here.


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