Sam Lynas: “Content is king.”

Journalism students were encouraged to widen their blog audience today from a former University College Falmouth student on Monday the 20th February. Sam Lynas, who graduated from UCF in 2009, told students “content is king” when building an online audience.

Sam Lynas in his Barefoot Media days.

After graduating, Lynas spent the next two years working at Barefoot Media based locally in Bodmin, a PR and digital media company. At the time, he specialised in food and worked with many food company’s and covered Falmouth’s annual Oyster Festival. Lynas also specialised his own blog called ‘The Cornish Pasty Man’. It was original and had never been done before.

Lynas stressed that creating an online niche is necessary, saying that: “If you don’t write about it, someone else will. It’s ultra, ultra-competitive at the moment, even more so every year.”

He added: “content is king” and is the key thing to remember when writing a blog. He advised that the content needs to be interesting, something original and that you must be consistent with blogging, or it won’t be successful.

He advised students to “build an audience…so that the editors of the magazines or people that you want to work for will come to you and they’ll pick you out. ” To achieve this though, he told the students that audience research is important.

Audience research was also a topic that Lynas covered; he suggested using Google’s keyword tool to enhance your readership on your blog. Using certain words or phrases that appear often in Google searches can improve your readership massively, as your blog will appear as people search.

Lynas really encouraged students about their future as bloggers, and how putting the effort in and doing the right amount of research and effectively can have a massive benefit to your career.


One response to “Sam Lynas: “Content is king.”

  1. Sounds like Sam’s touching on SEO, “Content is King” is one of the main slogans within the SEO industry. This is the same for the social media side of things. For a further insight in this area, contact me on Facebook – Jake Masson

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