Finding Nemo 3D – September 2012

Disney Pixar announced this week that the underwater world of Finding Nemo will be springing to life in September 2012.

Nemo’s adventure will be screened in 3D cinemas this year. Pixar also re-released Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in the lead up to the new Toy Story 3, which was released into cinemas in 3D. Finding Nemo 3D will be following the success of other 2D Pixar animations that have been released in the ever-engaging 3D format.

The Lion King was re-released in September and due to it’s successes, Disney Pixar plan to make the Disney classics Monsters Inc. and The Little Mermaid into 3D titles. The Beauty and The Beast was the latest classic to hit the big screen on 13th January.

Finding Nemo, a family favourite, should have no trouble making it’s way successfully through Britain’s 3D cinemas, especially since the 2D release of the film listed tenth in the animation genre of the American Film Institute’s “Ten top ten” in 2008.


11 responses to “Finding Nemo 3D – September 2012

  1. Was a big fan of the original finding Nemo, can’t say i’m a fan of any sort of 3D movie though. I’m also certain that it will bring success, I am in doubt that it’d ever get into the American Film Institutes lists again (at least, in 3D).

    • Why don’t you like 3D? It probably won’t make the list again as it’s not a new film, something will probably out-do it, but i’m sure all Finding Nemo fans will continue support for it in 3D!

      • Cheers for your speedy response, you sometimes have to wait days on here for a proper response! It’s not a direct dislike for the 3D visuals, it’s more of a moan and groan that after a few movies had huge success in 3D that every movie should now move in that direction. The extra money that has to be paid for the glasses is also ridiculous. That money could’ve been put towards the over-priced confectionery inside of a cinema. Despite all of that, I wish Nemo the best of luck! As stated, I did like the original!

      • I kind of agree that some films shouldn’t be put into 3D, there’s no need for every movie to be in 3D, but with films like Avatar being incredibly successful in that format it’s easy to understand why directors want to give it a go. I think Nemo will do well, just because it’s an underwater world and is imagined in 3D. I’m sure 3D will become cheaper, just as anything else that is new in technological advances do when they’ve been in circulation a while. Thanks for your comments though, Dominic. :)

  2. nemo must be one of my all time favourite films, I can’t wait until it comes out in 3D just so I can have a day out with friends to see it :)

  3. I believe that this will be one of the better ‘kids’ movies to change to 3D!! Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite but I wasn’t too excited for it to be in 3D, I think that some things are better left alone!!

    • I have to agree with you! Finding Nemo is a relatively new film, as it was released in 2003 so it makes sense for it to change to 3D, but Beauty and The Beast is a classic Disney film and I agree it should maybe be left alone, just because it’s part of traditional Disney! I think The Little Mermaid could be good in 3D though, just because it’s the same kind of theme as Nemo, I think underwater would work well in 3D!

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